Monday, September 11, 2006

Classic Fall

With the onset of the NFL’s season, autumn is right around the corner, which happens to be my favorite season. Without further ado, here is my list of things I love about the fall and football.

· Because of football, it is socially acceptable to for me to drink beer early in the day. The importance of this needs no further explanation.
· Campaigning in the fall. The happiest moments in my life came while driving around Rhode Island, going from campaign stop to campaign stop. I always had a blast and making those trips, which usually went from about 7am to 10pm, helped me fall in love with the Ocean State. I’ve been out of that world for two election cycles and it surprises me how much I miss those experiences, especially this year. On the bright side, the cube I’m working in now is green.
· TV. I love TV. The leaves falling means that new episodes of my favorite shows will soon be broadcast directly into my brain. There are so many questions left unanswered. Will Earl finally assuage karma? Will Denny Crane finally succumb to Alzheimer’s? Will Pam finally realize that both Jim and Roy are wrong for here and that her dream guy is some blogger in a green cubicle? Um. Moving on.
· Aside from Sunday afternoon libations, watching a whole slate of games makes for a pretty awesome way to kill a Sunday. Yesterday, I spent the entire day at The Ultimate Weapon’s house. Sure, there was a lot of football, but there was also a lot of other good stuff going on as well. For instance, TUW’s sister brought some saltine’s down into the basement. Cannon challenged me to see how many saltines I could eat in a minute. This lead to Cannon and myself spending the next 15 minutes or so furiously shoveling crackers into our mouths. This would not happen during a hockey game.
· Tailgating. You’ve seen the pictures. It’s a real good time.


At 9/14/2006 11:33:00 AM, Blogger The Ultimate Weapon said...

I'd like to thank the tiny 8lb 4oz infant baby Jesus for our ability to tailgate and, may he let us beat the Giants this Sunday.


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