Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Links: Almost as Good as Bacon

(FYI: Normally, once you click on the links, a new window will pop up. Since I'm at work, I don't have the handy code that allows that to happen. So if you start a clickin, TPB will be replaced with a pirate's or some grandma's website. Just wanted to let you know.--Iconoclast)

Pirate for Congress – He doesn’t accept money from anyone and promises to rid the world of “make-up wearing robots.” He also has two months of college. (He left early to work in a horse stable.) Surprisingly, I guess, he is also for gay marriage. (The government doesn’t belong in two places: your gun cabinet and your bedroom.) If you are looking to kill some time, read thru some other policy stands in his blog. Chiclet with the assist.

Elder Wisdom Circle – If you’re like me, you’ve got problems. There’s school, work, life, love, and all that fun stuff. If you need a sounding board, how would an old person do? This website will have an old person respond to your queries about life. Try it out.

Great American Passes – Guy Gabaldon, a veteran of World War II, died over the weekend. Using only candy bars and smokes, he tricked over 1000 Japanese soldiers to surrender at the battle of Saipan. As he succinctly puts it: “My actions proves that God takes care of idiots.” Yes, he does.

NEWS FLASH: LIMBAUGH ON KATIE COURIS – Reportedly, Katie is only suffering from broken ribs and what her producers call “a slight limp.”


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