Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Summer Lovin: Had Myself a Blast

Well, TPB is back! We should be back on a post-a-day pace for the foreseeable future and I’m excited to get back in the flow of things. I figure that the best way to kick this off with a few thoughts on what happened this summer.

· The biggest news from the summer is that Connect4 got hitched in the beginning August. It was a fantastic day and truly joyous. C4 will be joined in the ranks of the married over the next year by the Ultimate Weapon, July ’07, and Cannon, April ’07. The Octogon and plans on taking my hand in marriage as soon as Rhode Island or New Jersey allows us to.
· The Red Sox have fallen off the table. The Phillies have stormed back into the playoff race. The Yanks found some way to add a top-five OBP guy to their squad at the very low rate of $15M or so a year. All of our predictions were pretty much off-base. I still hate Derek Jeter.
· To mark C4’s last few weeks as a bachelor, Team Pancake Breakfast and a few friends took a road trip out to Milwaukee and Chicago to catch a few ballgames. The highlights included tailgating before a game at Miller Park and seeing a 19-inning game. The lowlights included me getting a speeding ticket in Ohio and finding a dead bat on the grill of our rented van. In my defense on the speeding ticket, if you’ve ever been to Ohio, you understand why I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible too.
· I moved to New Jersey. Pray for me.

Good to be back. Somebody get me some syrup.


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