Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Links: I don’t know how to quit you

9/11 Conspiracy Nuts – Did you know that September 11th was planned by the Bush Administration in an effort to beef up defense spending? This site is truly special. It’s run by a quack professor out in Wisconsin. I heard him on 1210 (‘The Big Talker’ in Philly) and wanted to give his site a look.

The Devil Made Em Do it – Here’s an interesting note: the Pope has an official “caster out of demons.” According to a priest who is Pope Benedict’s COD, Hitler and Stalin were possessed by the devil. Interesting. I’ve done some research and found out that Pope John Paul’s COD was actually Chuck Norris. Thank you, Chuck Norris. Thank you.

The Great American Bar – Not rain or sleet or hail or a really big hurricane will stop you from doing a body shot off a coed at Johnny White’s on Bourbon Street. Apparently, Johnny White’s stayed open throughout Hurricane Katrina. JD Landrum, owner/operator, I salute you.

Gynormous Baby – Woman gives birth to 14lb baby. Anyone who knows me knows that I dream of having giant babies. My goal birth weight is 13lbs. Also, diabetic mothers are more prone to have larger babies. Does anyone know if there is a dating web-site that information on, say, whether a woman has a disease, uh, like diabetes? This isn’t for me. It’s for a buddy. Never mind.

Ravishing Rick Haiku – Funny haikus. I think I’ve said enough.


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