Friday, September 29, 2006

Links: Better than 35 Vicodin?

Mel v. Dennis – Dennis Leary has an opinion on Mel Gibson. Watch for Jerry Remy’s very subtle reaction to Leary’s riff.

Checking Out In Style – “Steve Irwin lived a rugged, manly life and died a rugged, manly death. Not many men have the good fortune to die when an ocean beast skewers their heart with a venomous spike. Irwin actually pulled the murderous barb from his chest before checking out.” Click the link for more on manly deaths from Cold, Hard Football Facts.

Defend Yourself! – Keeping with the manly theme that I’ve got going, here’s a link to a site that uses illustrations to demonstrate the many ways to fight off an attacker with a cane. If you’re concerned that there are many different types of walking sticks, like ones with hooks, don’t worry. They’ve got ALL the possibilities.

How do you like your Jesus? – Great site that has various takes on Jesus. There’s Fat Jesus, Jesus Preachin’ to Ladies, Pal Jesus, and many more. Above, I have posted 1998 Power Home Run Hitting Jesus. Find the Jesus that’s right for you.


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