Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Links: Because Papa Bear Loves Ya

Christmas Humps (From J-Haw) – I don’t have many rules in life, but one that I do live by is that anytime there’s an E-card with camels singing “My Humps” and it manages to work in the Sweet Baby Jesus I must link to it.

Sports Are a Big Part of Your Life – This is a published article written by Friend of The News Team Jimmy Mac (aka “The Hustle”). Congrats on getting it out there and doing a great job on it.

Larry Bird Highlight Video – Here’s a Larry Bird montage set to a Ludacris song.

It’s Laksa-tastic (thanks to Chiclet) – Maris Laksa is on MySpace! I actually just signed up for MySpace just so I could ask if I could be his friend. It is odd though that he has himself down as an “Alumni” of PC. Hmmmm....

RIP Gene Frenkle –Wikipedia has an entry on “More Cowbell”.

Woman Busted for Driving, Putting on Make-up – Pulled this one off of Drudge. Ladies do the darnedest things.


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