Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My last word ever about Jim McGreevey

I swear, I didn’t watch the Oprah on Tuesday. Still, I got the chance to hear from Jim McGreevey today on Sean Hannity’s radio show. As an aside this was probably a better venue. Sean didn’t pull ANY punches, and the Oprah interview probably involved a lot of crying and then absolution like only the Oprah can give.

At first blush, McGreevey has a good message. He says he “owns” his mistakes, and accepts any responsibility. While this is good advice in general, it is clear the McGreevey doesn’t actually accept responsibility.

Most important McGreevey’s story is the homosexual “double-life” he lived up until his confession in 2004. While he SAYS that he accepts responsibility for all the deception he perpetrated on his family and the public, he still blames a society that is not completely open to homosexual lifestyles.

Even worse, he does the same dance when asked about the corruption that infested his administration. He CLAIMS responsibility, but then blames the system. To paraphrase, he said that he had to raise money for his campaigns, and contributors would only give money to gain “access” to the governor’s office. Thus, it is really society’s fault that his office was so corrupt. So much for accepting responsibility.


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