Tuesday, September 12, 2006

McGreevey seeks forgiveness from the Oprah

One of the more memorable law school moments came during my first law summer. I was working at the New Jersey statehouse, and I heard rumors of then-Governor McGreevey's sordid private life. I heard that he was secretly gay, that henever even slept in the same room as his wife, etc. I was never big into rumors, so I took all of this "news" with a grain of salt.

Then before the end the summer, McGreevey pulls one of the smarter moves of his political career. In face of federal indictments, as well as sub-30% approval ratings, McGreevey admits to being gay and announces his resignation. In an instant, accusations of gross corruption and/or incompetence melt away to some sort of pity.

Today, McGreevey followed in the footsteps of so many disgraced public figures, he sat down with the Oprah. The interview will not be aired until next week, but I can tell you what to expect. He going to cry, and talking about the pain of having to live a double life. Conspicuously absent will be tales of his vacuum of political leadership, and his dealing with U.S. Attorney's office. You know, all the stuff that earned him the title of the worst governor in New Jersey history. And this is the state that brought you Jim Florio.


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