Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thoughts from an Irrational Blog

We do not have many opportunities to post responses to blogs, as we are busy filling them with our own rhetoric, nonsense and pure conjecture. However, some responses are long overdue, as I have read the posts and have refrained from comment..until now. Here are some responses to posts, in no particular order. Can you figure out what they refer to?

1. I don't care much for the shipping industry.

2. Christopher Reeves wen't 4-6 from the foul line in a recent charity event. Sportscenter has been continually running highlights for the past 8 days.

3. F-ing Chuck Norris

4. I have once beheaded a roomate for not refilling a soap despense in a timely manner.

5. Tim Welsh is a metrosexual

6. Ryan Gomes will succefully earn enough Tommy Points in one season than did Walter McCarty did in his career. And Walter lived off Tommy Points

7. When did GEICO decide that the Gecko would talk and have a foregin accent?

8. Ryan Gomes

9. My favorite kind of bear is most certainly the polar.

10. The only kind of craft worth $150 is Bob Kraft.

11. The Octogan spends to much time on baseball

12. Beef Jerky is full of animal rectum and hardened rat feces...It's Science

Thats it for now!

Keep the Faith!


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